General introduction

Following the European Commission TA Facility managed by the eeef, the Fund set up the eeef Technical Assistance (TA) Facility to support ambitious public beneficiaries in developing bankable sustainable energy investment programmes. These projects shall relate to the energy efficiency sector, small-scale renewable energy and/or public urban transport. The eeef TA Facility aims to bridge the gap between sustainable energy plans and real investments through supporting all activities necessary to prepare investments into sustainable energy projects.
To help the TA beneficiaries even more as well as to insure a higher project implementation rate, the eeef makes one step further and provides TA support by way of consultancy services. This means that the eeef selects appropriate experts with the required knowhow and expertise via a public tender process, completed entirely by the eeef, and assigns them to the relevant investment programmes. The TA beneficiaries can use the consultant services to carry out for example feasibility studies, energy audits and evaluate the economic viability of their investments. Legal support for the investment programmes on the other hand, will be mandated by the TA beneficiary directly, while costs are to be covered by the eeef.

The eeef TA Facility has received ELENA funds, under the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union, and builds on the experience gained from its predecessor facility. It is managed by DWS International GmbH, the eeef TA Manager.
The first call for proposal of the eeef TA Facility was successfully closed on March 1st, 2017. Looking forward, the eeef’s TA facility remains open, with no deadline, to receive further TA project proposals on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to availability of funds and the eeef’s interest for the proposed sector/technology etc. To date, the eeef has approved eight public authorities to develop and realise their sustainable project plans. For more information about the TA projects, please see the sections below.

Awarded eeef TA beneficiaries

Public authority Country Description Documents
Municipality of Gijón Spain EE - Public lighting / building retrofit, RE Download PDF
Ferrara Province via SIPRO Italy EE - Public lighting / building retrofit Download PDF
Ministry of Defense – Modena Ducal Palace Italy EE - Building retrofit Download PDF
Kaunas District Municipality Lithuania EE - Public lighting Download PDF
The Autonomous Province of Bolzano – Bozen Italy EE - Public buildings retrofit Download PDF
Ukmergė District Municipality Administration Lithuania EE - Public buildings retrofit Download PDF
Administration of Silute District Municipality Lithuania EE - Public buildings retrofit Download PDF
Klaipeda University Hospital Lithuania EE - Public buildings retrofit, RE Download PDF

How to apply as TA beneficiary

The main criteria TA application is summarised below:

Eligible applicants: Regions, City Councils, Universities, public hospitals and other public entities located in the Member States of the European Union

Sectors covered: energy efficiency, small-scale renewable energy and/or public urban transport

TA activities supported: feasibility studies, energy audits, evaluation of the economic viability of the investments and legal support

Support format: EEEF is supporting the TA beneficiary by way of allocating consultant services to the planned investment programmes (for example for feasibility studies, energy audits and evaluating the economic viability of investments). It also covers direct staff costs of the TA beneficiaries and external legal service costs required.  Should the investment programme not to be financed by EEEF, the reimbursement of services previously paid by EEEF is mandatory. 

Project investment volume: >€5m

Leverage factor for Technical Assistance: >20

Savings of at least 20%: Primary energy & CO2 equivalents

EEEF TA Manager: DWS International GmbH, eeef TA Investment Management, Ms Lada Strelnikova (

How to apply: applicants are asked to provide their proposals by following the application format - which can be found in the TA download section below - as a basis for their application and send fully-fledged proposals to the following email address:

Submission deadline for proposals: no deadline, open on a first-come-first-serve basis, subject to availability of funds and the Fund’s appetite for proposed sector/technology etc.

Evaluation and selection criteria: the general conditions for awarding TA support can be found in the table below, mainly four criteria to be applied to the proposals:

Criteria Max points
1. Investment Programme
  • Realisation potential of proposed project / technology / sector clearly presented
  • Project size (volume of funding required)
  • Indicative impact and savings potential
  • Intended procurement procedure and capacity to procure ESCO contract
2. TA required for the Investment Programme
  • TA requirements clearly outlined
  • Amount of TA funding requested and leverage factor
  • Implementation timeline TA (GANTT chart)
  • Awareness of potential implementation pitfalls
3. Commitment to implement the Investment Programme
  • At least one person is committed from the public authority to work on the project
  • Implementation timeline proposal is realistic
  • Modus operandi with advisory team is clearly presented
4. Proposal clarity
  • Concept and methodology
  • Quality of TA application
Total points 100


Awarding process: The TA beneficiary will be informed by the eeef team in writing within 20 days after submission. In the event of TA support awarded by eeef, a TA contract (standard example provided at the TA download section of the website) detailing the EEEF support and conditions will be sent to the potential TA beneficiary to formalise the obligations of the parties. It is envisaged to sign the TA contract with the TA beneficiary 15 days after the awarding notice was sent to the TA beneficiary.

Investment programme realisation: After awarding the TA support to the winning applicant/s and signing the TA contracts, each TA beneficiary has to complete the agreed TA work scope within a two year timeframe, including selecting the company/companies to carry out the investment programme’s implementation works. This assumes that the TA beneficiary is required to publish a tender for the project implementation works within this time.

Information for consultants

Information for consultants to provide consultant services to TA beneficiaries

EEEF as TA contractor is searching for consultants to provide legal, technical and financial advice to TA beneficiaries (public authorities) to support and accelerate the preparation of the investment programmes in the area of energy efficiency, renewable energy production or public transportation. The consultants are expected to work with 2-3 beneficiaries in parallel according to the working programmes to be agreed with EEEF and beneficiary in advance.

This application process is now closed. With a total of five consultants shortlisted, Soningeo Energy has been selected for the City of Gijón (Spain) project, the Agenzia per l’Energia e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (AESS) for the Ferrara Province and the Italian Ministry of Defence projects (Italy), and Nctm Studio Legale for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – Bozen (Italy) project. Further will follow depending on the need and specifications of the TA investment programmes going forward.



Due to high interest of public authorities in Lithuania, the eeef published an open call for proposals in November 2019 to search for consultants to assess buildings and/or street lighting retrofits to prepare investment programmes in the cities or regions in Lithuania. The consultants are expected to work with 2-3 beneficiaries in parallel according to the working programmes to be agreed with the eeef and beneficiary in advance.

The call for proposals was published on the Fund’s website as well as on TED (Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union.

The consultants were required to have experience with the PPP structures and the public authorities in Lithuania. Exact requirements are available in the procurement documents at

The call for tender application process was closed on 04 December 2019. Out of the two applications received, the Consortium comprising of GLIMSTEDT Bernotas and partners, KPMG Baltics, UAB, Eurointegracijos projektai, UAB and Ekotermija, UAB has been selected to support the projects in Lithuania and attributed to the Administration of Silute District Municipality project.