Managing Body

The eeef is managed by the Board of Directors, which has the exclusive power to administer the Fund and to determine the course of conduct of its business affairs, in compliance with the articles, the issue document and applicable laws and regulations. The Board shall have the broadest powers to act in any circumstances on behalf of the Fund, subject to the powers expressly assigned by law or the articles to the general meeting of shareholders. The Board of Directors will have prime responsibility for all aspects of the administration of the business of the Fund.

The directors are elected by the general meeting of shareholders and appointed annually, subject to approval by the CSSF of any new directors. The current Board of Directors consists of the following members:

From left to right: Antoniorosario Lovascio, Giorgio Casoni, Daniela Matiz, Robert Nuij


Giorgio Chiarion Casoni is Head of Unit DG Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission. He joined the European Commission in 1994 and since then has held various positions with the DG for Economic and Financial Affairs. In his current position, he is responsible for various projects in financing of climate change, infrastructure policies and Euratom.

Mr. Casoni holds a Degree with honours in Statistics, Probability, Mathematics, Economics and Econometrics from Universita degli Studi di Roma (La Sapienza).


Robert Nuij is a deputy Head of Unit for energy efficiency policy and financing at the European Commission, with joint responsibility for implementing the Energy Efficiency Directive and the Energy Efficiency First principle, and for scaling up financial support for energy efficiency measures across the EU.

Since joining the Commission in 2006, he has held various positions including on ecodesign and energy labelling policy, energy performance of buildings, integrated product policy and product safety.

Before joining the Commission, Mr. Nuij worked as a senior consultant for an international environmental consultancy with an emphasis on environmental product policy, eco-design and waste management. He holds a Master of Science degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Delft University of Technology.

Daniela Matiz is a multilingual certified independent board member based in Luxembourg and provides directorships for companies of various industries (investment funds, financial services, commercial companies). She is a seasoned professional and offers broad expertise in audit, risk management, compliance, governance and ESG.

She started her career as an auditor at the leading accounting firm KPMG, has held key leadership positions in renowned banks (Banca Intesa, Compagnie de Banque Privée) and spent more than a decade working for PayPal and its financial institution. She has interacted with various boards and audit committees across the world and offers insights into industry-specific risks, internal controls, regulatory changes and governance best practices.

Mrs. Matiz holds a Master Degree in Economic Sciences from the University Louis Pasteur as well as certifications in audit, director practices, ESG and sustainability (from the University of Oxford).

Antoniorosario Lovascio currently holds the position of Fund Manager of Fenice 190 and he is responsible for selecting the investment strategies of the Fund. Previously, he held various roles within the Generali Group, of which he has been a member for 10 years, gaining experience in Business Development in Real Estate, Asset Management strategy and Finance.

Prior to Generali, which he joined in June 2014, he worked in the Investment Banking division of Unicredit Group as a Relationship Manager for the Multinational Corporations’ portfolio. He began his professional career by gaining 3 years of experience in Risk Management, also in Unicredit Group.

Mr. Lovascio holds a Master Degree in Management Engineering with a specialization in Finance from Politecnico di Milano and an Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico di Bari.