Andreana Esposito

Andreana Esposito is Head of the Financing Business Division at Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A. in Rome and as such, responsible for both Corporate and Project Financing for the development of public utility services in Italy.

She joined Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A. as Head of Securitisation in July 2002. In 2004 she became Head of Debt Capital Markets. This assignment included providing for the company’s funding on the capital markets and, in particular, the structuring and management of both the first covered bond programme in Italy, namely the € 20 billion CDP Covered Bond Programme as well as that of the Cassa depositi e prestiti S.p.A. Euro Medium Term Note Programme. In January 2011 Ms Esposito became Head of Corporate Finance.

From 1999 until 2002 Ms Esposito held the position of senior financial-economic analyst in charge of government debt management (primary and secondary markets), liability management and securitisations within the Public Debt Management Department of the Italian Treasury.

Born in Naples in 1969, she holds a laurea cum laude in Economics and a Ph.D. in Banking and Finance from the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.