The Technical Assistance Facility of the European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) receives funding from the ELENA Facility of the European Investment Bank (EIB)

In 2016, the eeef set up its Technical Assistance (TA) Facility to support public authorities across Europe in developing bankable sustainable energy investment programmes within the energy efficiency sector, small-scale renewable energy and/or public urban transport.

Since its inception, twelve public authorities joined the TA programme from Spain, Italy, Lithuania, and Latvia to realise their energy upgrade programmes (ca. 2 years timeframe). This work was facilitated through the contributions from eeef and EIB’s - European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) under the Horizon Programme 2020.

In October 2023, eeef and EIB’s ELENA Facility signed a new ELENA Contract - a collaboration agreement of up to EUR 1.9m, to support the eeef TA facility's project development services (PDS) for a timeframe of three years (2023 – 2026). eeef is eager to continue supporting ambitious and innovative projects in the energy field i.e. by upgrading and modernizing public buildings and street lighting, developing energy communities, and biomass district heating, among other energy-related activities) and further support the EU energy and climate targets (i.e., the TA projects threshold is a minimum of 30% reduction in primary energy savings or/and CO2 emissions reduction).

Supported services include the preparation of energy audits, feasibility studies, the evaluation of the economic viability of the investment, structuring of the tender documents to align with the PPP / ESCO model, external advisors, and legal analysis, etc. These services will facilitate the public authority to reach the required renovation and energy levels to meet local and national strategic objectives in the energy sector and contribute towards carbon neutrality by 2050 through replicability.

eeef encourages other public authorities in Europe to join the Fund's TA Programme. eeef is accepting future applications. Please visit:

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