eeef supported the City of Córdoba at the ‘Intelligent & Emotional Lighting for Cities‘ conference

During the recent celebration of the Intelligent & Emotional Lighting for Cities conference held in Cordoba on 24th and 25th of November 2014, eeef was supporting the City of Córdoba by direct participation in several working groups to raise awareness of the value created for cities when adopting energy efficiency measures. The conference started following the management Governing Board meeting of the Spanish Network of Intelligent Cities (RECI).  RECI focuses on providing support around technical innovation requirements in order to facilitate the increase number of ‘Smart Cities’ in Spain. 

Smart City Córdoba as a member of RECI (among other 60 cities in Spain) has developed a wide range of initiatives to promote energy efficiency. One of these initiatives is CordobaLUZE. This initiative allows Córdoba to be a role model for other cities in energy efficiency innovation with a number of projects including improvement of their street lighting infrastructure leading to the enhancement of their impressive cultural heritage and monuments, which obtained UNESCO World Heritage Site status. The objective of the Intelligent & Emotional Lighting for Cities conference was sharing own knowledge and experience of the CordobaLUZE initiative with Mayors of other Spanish cities to provide insights into implementation of energy efficiency projects.

Jose Antonio Nieto Ballesteros, Mayor of Córdoba, presented CordobaLUZE with a clear message of support and drive to continue improving Córdoba’s Smart City status, emphasizing the added value available to cities when they choose to improve management of energy resources through integration of innovative technologies.

Since 2013 the City is co-operating with the eeef through the Fund’s Technical Assistance Facility provided by the European Commission. This support has enabled the completion of feasibility studies necessary to facilitate the street lighting infrastructure upgrade, the improvements of the buildings stock and the identification of other energy efficiency measures suitable for the City. Currently the City of Córdoba is in the final phase of completing a Master Technical Plan and a pilot study for Córdoba specific new energy efficient technologies. The implementation of the project will be financed by eeef in 2015. For more details on the conference and the CordobaLUZE initiative please refer to:

The European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) S.A., SICAV-SIF is a “société d’investissement à capital variable” governed by Luxembourg law and was initiated by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Investment Bank. The initial capitalization provided by the European Commission was increased with contributions from the sponsors European Investment Bank, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti as well as the Investment manager Deutsche Bank.

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