eeef TAF moves one step further: Tender publication of the Ducal Palace building retrofit project

The Italian Ministry of Defense (Ministero della Difesa) joined the eeef’s Technical Assistance (TA) programme in February 2018. The TA Facility provided services for the building retrofit project of the Ducal Palace of Modena, owned by the Italian government and currently used by the Ministry of Defense.

The Ducal Palace of Modena is one of the most important historical public buildings in the country. Through this project, it will be possible to reduce the building energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 60%-70%, as well as to improve thermal comfort for the building occupants.

On May 29 2020, the Italian Ministry of Defense announced the publication of the tender on the Ministry’s website (, moving forward with the technical assistance works for the Ducal Palace. The deadline for submitting the offers is on July 7 2020. The reported investment volume for the retrofitting measures is around €9m.

The eeef TA team is grateful for the accomplishment and hard work of the Italian public authority, especially during the COVID-19 emergency period. The eeef will continue collaborating with the Ministry of Defense to develop the project and allow the Modena Ducal Palace to protect its history as well as the environment, to let young generations who make use of it and the whole community experience such a valuable asset at its best.

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