eeef received an external verification for its alignment with Operating Principles for Impact Management

In 2020, eeef has engaged in the annual public disclosure of our alignment with Operating Principles for Impact Management (Impact Principles). Impact Principles support the development of the impact investing industry by establishing a common discipline around the management of impact investments, and promote transparency and credibility by requiring annual disclosures of impact management processes with independent verification. This year, eeef’s impact management system is independently verified by BlueMark, a leading provider of impact verification services in the impact investing market. BlueMark was incubated and launched in January 2020 by Tideline, a leading women-owned impact investing consultancy, with a mission to strengthen trust in impact investing and to help bring more accountability to the impact investment process. As of November, 2021 BlueMark completed more than 50 verifications.

The review process included interviews with our investment teams, analysis of the existing tools, processes in place and activities in the selected investments. We are happy to share this Independent Verification Report with our investors and stakeholders which can be found under Downloads. Going forward, we are committed to bring our impact management process closer to the best practice and recognized industry standards. With the independent assessment from BlueMark, we are eager to improve our impact management in the coming year.

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