eeef discusses public sector energy efficiency financing in the Spring 2020 edition of "European Energy Innovation" magazine

European Energy Innovation (EEI) is a communication platform for EU institutions, industry and academia to disseminate the latest research, best practices and case studies on energy, climate change and transport in Europe. EEI's quarterly publication highlights the significant energy challenges facing Europe today and presents the innovative technologies and solutions being deployed to meet them. The magazine is distributed to over 10,000 subscribers in industry, research establishments, academia, the European Parliament, the European Commission and national governments.

For the Spring 2020 Edition eeef contributed an article entitled "Energy efficiency financing in the public sector - challenges and solutions". The article describes the pivotal role that municipalities play in implementing projects to improve the energy intensity of public infrastructure, whilst noting the challenges in financing even commercially viable and bankable projects. The authors outline various flexible and tailored financing structures that can be created to support municipalities to implement energy efficiency projects. Successful examples of street lighting upgrade projects in the Netherlands and Portugal highlight eeef's experience in structuring this type of bespoke financing.

The full text of the article can be found here: PDF download

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