eeef and Sinloc collaborate towards Smart Hospitals and Universities in Italy

Padua, Italy

eeef and Sinloc are proud to announce that they have joined forces and launched a partnership, which will contribute towards enhancing energy efficiency in the healthcare and education sectors.

The partnership takes the name of “Smart H&U” and targets a portfolio of investments in public hospitals and universities, distributed across several locations in Italy. These facilities will scale up their energy efficiency profile as well as the level of services provided to the end users. Patients, students and the staff will benefit from modernised infrastructures, with state of the art building automation, heating and cooling systems, smart illumination, clean energy and much more.

Sinloc and eeef will pool smaller projects, together under the same umbrella, and inject globally 15 million Euro of risk capital in special purpose vehicles. These will be awarded by each grantor after a public call for tender and will have signed concessions for the projects. Smart H&U has already a promising pipeline of projects and keeps working to grow it further.

This Joint Venture is a pioneer initiative, which aims to prove and show that the healthcare and education sectors, not only in Italy but also in many more European countries, have an enormous market potential, which perfectly triangulates the interests of the public, industrial and financial sectors.

Sinloc is an Italian consulting and investment company, which promotes the development of local public infrastructures through advisory services, feasibility studies and direct investments in Public Private Partnerships (concessions, project financing etc). Sinloc’s shareholders are ten Italian banking foundations and the company’s equity holding exceeds 50 million Euro, mostly invested in infrastructure and local development initiatives. More info about Sinloc at

The European Energy Efficiency Fund (eeef) S.A., SICAV-SIF is a “societé d’investissement à capital variable” governed by Luxembourg law and was initiated by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Investment Bank. The initial capitalization provided by the European Commission was increased with contributions from the European Investment Bank, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti as well as the Investment Manager Deutsche Bank. More info about the Fund at


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