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eeef Annual Report 2015

ORE VALLEY HOUSING ASSOCIATION (UK) Location Cardenen, UK Total investment volume €35.0m TA amount by eeef €1,728,150 Closing date 20 November 2013 Project description Installation of a CHP to provide district heating Project development services financed by the eeef • Overall project management, management of a Design, Build, Operate (DBO) partner interface and project plan implementation • Conclusion of contracts with DBO partner, advice on financial contracts • Conclusion of land purchase, way-leave acquisition and planning application process • Preparation of further modelling work, ongoing assessment of capital financial options, recruitment of suitable financial partners • Due diligence work for capital financiers’ project assessment activity • Ongoing CDM support for the project • Project development work, detailed stage D&E design work • Project development costs, implementation and project plan work Expected results Energy savings: 787 MWh/year GHG emissions reduction: 21,205,000kg CO2 e/year MUNICIPALITY OF RINGKØBING-SKJERN (DENMARK) Location Midtjylland, Denmark Total investment volume €173.3m TA amount by eeef €1,917,500 Closing date 25 November 2013 Project description Construction of three new biogas plants to be connected with two existing plants in a biogas grid, using animal manure to produce biogas Project development services financed by the eeef • Approval of actions and implementation within the framework of municipal legislation, contracts, tenders, etc. • Tenders of biogas plants, gas grid and other services • Data collection, financial prospect preparation, approval of accounting data, business model (for the sale of gas, biomass purchase platform, analysis and evaluations) • Technical analysis of the biogas plants, grid, grid components • Environmental, technical, municipal energy planning, visualisation, infrastructure, transport, etc. Expected results Energy savings: 89,730,000 kWh GHG emissions reduction: 17,663,000kg CO2 e/year Overview of Technical Assistance Beneficiaries (continued) 44 eeef Annual Report 2015