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eeef Annual Report 2015

European Commission Technical Assistance Facility Purpose To raise municipal awareness of lowering or even neutralising their carbon footprints, the European Commission provided the eeef with a technical as- sistance facility (EC TA Facility). This facility aims to accelerate investments in the fields of energy ef- ficiency, small-scale renewable energy and clean urban transport. The EC TA Facility supports its beneficiaries, which are exclusively public entities, in developing their green project ideas further by providing grants for up to 90% of the total development costs, subject to subsequent partial financing by the eeef. The technical assistance grants aim to facilitate project implementation by supporting the prepa- ration of feasibility studies, business plans, tendering processes, etc. ¤14,160,857.15m Total volume of technical assistance grants allocated since the Fund’s inception: Activities By 31 December 2015, the Fund had provided technical assistance funds to 16 public authori- ties for their project development activities to the total sum of €14.2m. Please see below for the technical assistance projects: 1. Ore Valley Housing Association (Scotland) – decentralised district heating powered by biomass 2. City of Santander (Spain) – public lighting, building retrofit 3. City of Córdoba (Spain) – public lighting, building retrofit 4. Rhône-Alpes (France) – building retrofit 5. Cabildo of La Palma (Spain) – public lighting, building retrofit, clean urban transport 6. Ringkøbing-Skjern (Denmark) – decentral- ised district heating powered by biomass 7. City of Marbella (Spain) – public lighting, building retrofit, photovoltaic 36 eeef Annual Report 2015