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eeef Annual Report 2015

Project Profile The Société Publique Locale d’Efficacité Energé- tique (SPL) signed a mid-term loan agreement for €5.0m to finance the refurbishment of public buildings during their construction phase and to pave the way for raising further long-term financ- ing. The SPL was initiated by the Rhône-Alpes re- gion as a private special-purpose company under the French Commercial Code, but operating with public capital. It is associated with a number of public authorities in the region and is dedicated to implementing energy-efficient refurbishment projects for public buildings (secondary schools and gymnasiums), including renewable energy production. SPL has been in the implementation phase of retrofitting the first eight schools, five in the region of Rhône-Alpes and three in the city of Bourg-en-Bresse, in cooperation with local au- thorities. The implementation is expected to be completed in September 2016. Two additional projects are currently under imple- mentation, including a library and a city hall. The total project value for the 10 retrofits is expected to be around €25.0m. The annual CO2 e savings are expected to be 1,001 t, with primary energy savings of 4,244 MWh. Project Highlights The SPL is expected to lead a new and ambitious thermal renovation initiative – an area common- ly seen to attract few investments. By setting the example of upgrading the public buildings and going beyond standard thermal regulations, the region aims to achieve its 2050 objectives for energy consumption and greenhouse gas reduction. Key figures Country France Sector Energy efficiency/retrofit Type of investment Senior debt Total project size (¤m) 25.0 eeef investment size (€m) 5.0 Financial close 3 April 2014 Maturity 5 years Estimated tCO2 e emission savings (p.a.) 1,001 Rhône- Alpes Société Publique Locale d’Efficacité Energétique On the left picture: Amblard School before renovation On the right picture: Amblard School after renovation 26 eeef Annual Report 2015