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eeef Annual Report 2015

Rennes Key figures Country France Sector Energy efficiency/ CHP plant Type of investment Junior funds Total project size (¤m) 47.6 eeef investment size (€m) 7.3 Financial close 12 December 2013 Maturity Perpetual Observed tCO2 e emissions savings (p.a.) 14,434 City of Rennes Project Profile Following a bid for tenders launched by the French Commission de Régulation de l’Energie (CRE3) for the production of green energy using a biomass cogeneration plant, Rennes Biomasse Energie SAS was authorized to build and operate a combined heat and power facility with an electrical output of 10.4 MW and a thermal output of 22 MW for the next 20 years. As its second equity investment, the eeef has pur- chased 85 % of the shares in Rennes Biomasse Energie while Dalkia France owns the remaining 15 %. Dalkia France is also permitted to techni- cally operate the plant. Based on actual data through annual energy audits, in 2015 the plant saved 14,434 tCO2 e (compared to baseline). This relates to carbon savings equating to 59% compared to baseline. This CHP biomass plant achieves significant car- bon savings whilst still generating heat aligned with baseline requirements. Annual CO2 e emis- sions vary from those stated in the eeef Annual Report 2014, due to 2014 figures being estimates and 2015 figures being actual and an improve- ment in calculation methodology, provided by the project developers. 2015 savings have been calculated and validated in accordance with the international energy standard International Performance Measurement and Verification Pro- tocol (IPMVP). Project Highlights The project enables a decentralised energy supply for the City of Rennes using an existing district net- work. The plant will allow 21,000 households in the city both to save money with the new energy source and to increase their environmental sus- tainability. The biomass required is locally sourced within a 100km radius of the plant. 24 eeef Annual Report 2015