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eeef Annual Report 2014

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emission Savings 2014 PROJECT NAME REPORTING UP TO THE END OF Q4 2014 CUMULATIVE CARBON SAVINGS (tCO2 e) CARBON SAVINGS (%) CUMULATIVE PRIMARY ENERGY SAVINGS (MWh) PRIMARY ENERGY SAVINGS (%) Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation 2,265 55% 11,580 55% University of Applied Sciences Munich 59 5% 3,137 24% City of Orléans 29,201 59% 4,788 1% Banca Transilvania 19,420 47% 64,317 47% City of Rennes* 32,913 44% –18,527 –6% Totals 83,858 65,295 CO2 e and primary energy savings were reported for a total of five projects by the end of 2014. As shown below, these projects achieved total accumulated savings of 83,858 (t CO2 e) and 65,295 MWh of primary energy savings up to the end of 2014. CO2 e savings 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000  Cumulative CO2 e Savings [tCO2 e]  Quarterly CO2 e Savings [tCO2 e] Quarterly 16,752 CO2 e (t) savings To date 83,858 CO2 e (t) savings Primary Energy Savings (PES) 0 20,000 40,000 60,000 80,000 100,000  Cumulative Primary Energy Savings [MWh]  Quarterly Primary Energy Savings [MWh] ** This is a combination of estimated and real data for the current project portfolio. Quarterly 14,172 PES (MWh) To date 65,295 PES (MWh) CO2 e/Primary Energy Savings** * Both Rennes and Orleans CHP biomass plants are now in full operation. The CHP biomass plants are operating alongside fossil fuel boilers to achieve significant carbon savings whilst still producing the required heat out- put. The biomass CHPs are replacing previous fossil fuel driven CHPs, which have high operating efficiencies. As these project are switching part of the overall sites generation capacity from fossil fuel to renewable fuel, it is not anticipated to have primary energy savings, as heat generation should remain stable before and after the CHP biomass plants are installed. It is understood that primary energy savings of these projects can improve over time as the biomass plants efficiencies reach their optimum. 44 eeef Annual Report 2014 2,26555% 11,58055% 595% 3,13724% City of Orléans 29,20159% 4,7881% Banca Transilvania 19,42047% 64,31747% City of Rennes* 32,91344% –18,527 –6% Totals 83,85865,295 020,00040,00060,00080,000100,000 020,00040,00060,00080,000100,000