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eeef Annual Report 2014

CITY OF VENLO (NETHERLANDS) Location Venlo, The Netherlands Total investment volume € 9.1 m TA amount by eeef € 425,000 Closing date 06.01.2014 Project description Retrofitting of the public lighting (approximately 16,000 lighting points) and traffic light systems Project development services financed by eeef • Support the additional efforts of the city authority’s employees to implement street lighting upgrade • Coordinate the tender process for the selection of the equipment manufacturer and installation works with the ESCO Expected results Energy savings: 4,000 MWh GHG emissions reduction: 428,000 kg CO2 e/year MUNICIPALITY OF ZAANSTAD (THE NETHERLANDS) Location Amsterdam Metropolitan Region, The Netherlands Total investment volume € 10.0 m TA amount by eeef € 463,860 Closing date 09.01.2015 Project description Extension of the existing district heating system, including a biomass fired combined heat and power plant (CHP) Project development services financed by eeef • Development of an open and smart energy and heat network • Elaboration of the feasibility and the tender preparation of the project • Inventory of the demand and supply side, the principle design works, economic analysis of the business plan, preparation of draft contracts and tendering procedures, as well as the dissemination of knowledge with the Amsterdam Economic Board Expected results GHG emissions reduction: 4,500,000 kg CO2 e/year Report on the European Commission Technical Assistance Facility 39