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eeef Annual Report 2014

UNIVERSITY OF LIÈGE (BELGIUM) Location Liège, Belgium Total investment volume € 30.0 m TA amount by eeef € 1,500,000 Closing date 18.06.2014 Project description Retrofitting of 15 buildings on the university campus as a pilot project; remaining 85 buildings to follow in the next step Project development services financed by eeef • Establish an energy audit to identify actions leading to potential energy savings with heat consumption and CO2 e emissions • Complete energy audits for selected buildings • Expert legal and financial assistance to organise the works • Configure the technical requirements and technical specifications that will be included in the public procurement and identified during the energy audit Expected results Energy savings: 33,556 MWh GHG emissions reduction: 3,201,000 kg CO2 e/year GROUPEMENT DE REDÉPLOIMENT ECONOMIQUE (GRE) OF LIÈGE (BELGIUM) Location Liège, Belgium Total investment volume € 43.5 m TA amount by eeef € 2.000.000 Closing date 14.08.2014 Project description Retrofit projects using EPC models for a minimum of 90 public buildings as well as upgrade of street lighting Project development services financed by eeef • Development of a customised project structure, preparation of the business plan, operational and contractual schemes • Completion of energy audits to select buildings for the retrofit program • Preparation of tender documents, review of offers • Acting as the facilitator – preparation of draft project documents, supporting selected technical solutions, analysis of offers and negotiations Expected results Energy savings: 28,208 MWh GHG emissions reduction: 6,030,000 kg CO2 e/year Overview of technical assistance beneficiaries (continued) 38 eeef Annual Report 2014