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eeef Annual Report 2014

CITY OF MARBELLA (SPAIN) Location Region of Andalucía, Spain Total investment volume € 12.5m TA amount by eeef € 456,662 Closing date 18.12.2013 Project description Installation of rooftop PV; retrofitting of public lighting and traffic lighting systems; municipal building refurbishment; installation of communication network, controls and monitor systems Project development services financed by eeef • Launch energy efficiency programme with the city authority in order to achieve CO2 e reductions • Promote public private partnership to boost the required investments in order to make the energy efficiency improvements • Investment programme is centred on a street lighting upgrade, efficiency upgrades in all public schools, the intelligent management of the energy used and renewable energy installations Expected results Energy savings: 11,271 MWh GHG emissions reduction: 4,962,417 kg CO2 e/year CITY OF ELCHE (SPAIN) Location Region of Valencia, Spain Total investment volume € 20.2m TA amount by eeef € 782,367 Closing date 20.12.2013 Project description Installation of rooftop PV; vehicle replacement; retrofitting of the street lighting infrastructure; municipal buildings refurbishment; establishment of the savings verification mechanism Project development services financed by eeef • Support energy efficiency projects and renewable energy installations as well as upgrades in the area of transportation • Replace currently used diesel boilers and implement the use of agricultural waste • City plans to install PV systems to produce electricity for own use • Renew street lighting infrastructure • Replace 100% of police vehicles with hybrid vehicles, if feasibility study shows positive outcome Expected results Energy savings: 19,521 MWh GHG emissions reduction: 9,905,954 kg CO2 e/year Overview of technical assistance beneficiaries (continued) 36 eeef Annual Report 2014