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eeef Annual Report 2014

City of Venlo Project Profile The city of Venlo is financing its street ligh- ting upgrade in order to equip around 16,000 lighting points with LED lights, which represent approx. 73% of the total lighting points of the city. The city of Venlo has 100,000 inhabitants and is among the first cities in the Netherlands to have initiated climate and energy programmes, starting in 2004. The city’s existing public lighting is the biggest consumer of electricity on its elec- tricity bill. The city therefore prioritized upgrading its street lighting in order to reduce both its energy consumption and CO2 e emissions, as well as to save costs for the public budget. The project is a further proof of the city’s commit- ment to environmental sustainability, including its support for the principle of “cradle-to-cradle” as one of the first cities in the world. Project Highlights The Venlo transaction is the Fund’s first direct lending structure to a municipality, and demon- strates the wide variety of financial products eeef can offer. This street lighting project is linked to the pre- paration works resulting from technical assis- tance, as financed by the EC TA Facility. This ena- bled the city to tender and select the equipment manufacturer for the provision of the LED equip- ment. Key figures Country The Netherlands Sector Energy Efficiency/Street lighting Type of investment Senior debt Total project size (¤ m) 9.1 eeef investment size (€ m) 8.5 Maturity 15 years Estimated (t) CO2 e emission savings (p.a.) 427 Venlo 2014 Activities Report: Investments 25