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eeef Annual Report 2013

eeef – CO2 REPORTING TABLE SECTOR TECHNOLOGY FINANCED PROJECT FINANCED CO2 SAVINGS (IN TONS P.A.)/REPORTING STATUS Energy Efficiency Building efficiency – building retrofit Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation/Germany 1,812 Building efficiency – building retrofit University of Applied Sciences Munich/Germany1 9 Building efficiency – upgrade of energy system University Hospital S. Orsola Malpighi/Italy 15,158 Building efficiency – build- ing retrofit Banca Transilvania/Romania2 energy audit under process Renewable Energy Biomass fired CHP plant City of Orléans/France 23,361 Biomass fired CHP plant City of Rennes/France 37,063 Public urban transport Electric cars and related infrastructure Bolloré/France3 – Bus modernisation Banca Transilvania/Romania energy audit under process Trolley modernisation Banca Transilvania/Romania energy audit under process Total CO2 saving p.a. 77,403 City of Rennes 37,063 Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation 1,812 City of Orléans 23,361 University Hospital S. Orsola Malpighi 15,158 Annual CO2 savings University of Applied Sciences Munich 9 Total 77,403 1 Electricity consumption from renewable sources, CO2 calculation based on a CO2 emission factor of only 0.0001 kg CO2 /MWh. In 2013, the project was in operation for 9 months due to a technical incident which was resolved in December. In 2014, bigger CO2 and primary energy savings should be achieved. 2 Energy audits are currently under development, primary energy savings are expected to be higher than 20% 3 eeef funding was completed 01/2014, initial CO2 savings will be reported in eeef’s 2014 Annual Report EC Technical Assistance Facility and Energy Savings’ Report 31