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eeef Annual Report 2013

eeef funds itself across three different share classes: Class C-Shares which represent the fund’s first loss piece, Class B-Shares which rank senior to the Class C-Shares and Class A-Shares which rank senior to the other two share classes but junior to all other creditors of the Fund. All these share classes bear voting rights. While Class C-Shares are essentially designed to corre- spond to the expectations of governments, the other two share classes are of more commercial nature and are currently held by development banks and the investment manager. The Fund can issue notes which are designed for private investors. They are senior to all share investors and bear no voting rights. CURRENT SPLIT OF SHARECLASSES ACCORDING TO DRAWN AMOUNTS AND REMAINING COMMITMENTS Notes Total commitment in € Drawn in € Undrawn in € A-Shares 116,900,000.00 12,753,003.69 104,146,996.31 B-Shares 23,000,000.00 2,644,995.90 20,355,004.10 C-Shares 125,000,000.00 29,956,086.00 95,043,914.00 Total 264,900,000.00 45,354,085.59 219,545,914.41 2013 Activities Report: Funding 25 A-Shares 116,900,000.0012,753,003.69104,146,996.31 B-Shares 23,000,000.002,644,995.9020,355,004.10 C-Shares 125,000,000.0029,956,086.0095,043,914.00 Total 264,900,000.0045,354,085.59219,545,914.41