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eeef Annual Report 2013

City of Orléans Project Profile This CHP plant, with an installed capacity of 7.5 MW in electricity and 17 MW in thermal heat, will supply heat to the city of Orléans and sell the electricity via a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to Electricité de France (EDF) at a negotia- ted tariff set over 20 years. This project was the first equity investment of eeef (majority owner of the plant with 84%). Dalkia France is co-in- vesting along with eeef. The plant is fired by wood biomass (90,000 tons per annum) received from a supply radius of less than 100 km. The CHP plant commenced its operation in March 2014. During the first partial year of operation, the CHP plant achieved primary energy savings of 2,470 MWh and 23,361 tonnes of CO2 . Project Highlights The project enables decentralized energy supply for the city of Orleans using an existing district heating network. The plant will allow 15,000 households in the city to achieve annual savings of € 200 with the new energy source and increase environmental sustainability especially of private households. The supply of biomass can be ensured within a 100 km radius, which is pretty comfortable. Also by signing a long term PPA with EDF, the off-take of the project risk is minimized. Key figures Country France Sector EnergyEnergy EfficiencyEfficiency Type of investment Junior FundsJunior Funds Total project size (¤ m) 36.0 eeef investment size (€ m) 5.1 Financial Close 10 June 2013 Maturity Perpetual CO2 emission savings (tonnes p.a.) 23,361 Primary energy savings 2013 (in MWh) 2,470 Orléans 2013 Activities Report: Investments 17