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eeef Annual Report 2013

Investment Portfolio: Jewish Museum Berlin Foundation Project Profile The Jewish Museum Berlin and the Energy Service Company (ESCO) of Johnson Controls entered into an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) for the buildings of the museum with a total EPC volume of € 3.1 m. eeef’s investment size is € 0.55 m up to now – construction ongoing. The museum owns two buildings in Berlin which are used both for various cultural events. Since opening in September 2001, several million people have visited the Jewish Museum Berlin, making it one of Germany’s most visited museums. Offering guided tours, temporary exhibitions, and a diverse calendar of events, the museum is a lively centre for Jewish history and culture. Agreeing on energy efficiency measures compri- sing of the optimization of heating, ventilation & air conditioning, energy efficient lighting and an efficient energy management system, the project is currently under construction and is exptected to achieve a reduction of CO2 emissions of 55% (1,812 tonnes p.a.) compared to the baseline. The ESCO has guaranteed the Jewish Museum Berlin energy savings per annum and will per- form the maintenance and building operation services for the 10 year loan contract period at least. Project Highlights The JMB transaction is a lighthouse project for transactions with ESCOs to finance energy performance contracts and to foster the use of such structures in the European municipal sector. It is an innovative Public Private Partner- ship (PPP) building sustainable communities for a better environment and facilitating small and medium sized investments into the energy efficiency sector. It was the winner of the European Energy Service Initiative’s Award for the best European efficiency service project in 2011. Key figures Country Germany Sector Energy efficiency – building retrofit Type of investment Forfaiting loan Total project size (¤ m) 3.1 eeef investment size (€ m) 1.7 Financial Close 20 March 2012 Maturity 10 years Expected CO2 emission savings (tonnes p.a.) 1,812 Berlin 14 eeef Annual Report 2013