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eeef Annual Report 2013

eeef’s Business Proposal Development of eeef since inception How to qualify for eeef funding The final beneficiaries of eeef must be municipal, local, regional authorities or public and private entities acting on their behalf, such as utilities, public transportation providers, social housing associations, energy service companies etc. Funding can be provided in euros or, in certain cases, in local currencies. The general eligibility criteria are: • Municipal link • Commitment of municipality to mitigate climate change (e.g. via Covenant of Mayors Initiative) • Primary energy savings and CO2 emission savings of at least 20% • Projects should preferably be between € 5 m to €25m • Alignment with relevant EU legislation • Use of tested forms of technology, each of which may have its own specific eligibility criteria 20122011 July eeef created and capitalized by the initiator EC and the founding investors EIB and CDP January Operational and procedural setup of the Fund finalized November Financing of building retrofit project of the University of Applied Sciences Munich December City of Santander cooperates with eeef on technical assistance March Jewish Museum Berlin joins eeef as its first partner institution via the ESCO of Johnson Controls 10 eeef Annual Report 2013